What we do

Processing the flowers

When the flowers arrive at Schiphol airport, our air freight agent ships them to Aalsmeer. The shipment is then inspected and the flowers are unpacked and processed by our team. They are then immediately placed in water and our staff inspects the quality of the product. Next, we put together the orders and deliver them to our clients. Some of the flowers are then prepared for auction.

Direct sales

We auction flowers at the various major flower auctions in the Netherlands, but we also offer our customers the option of buying flowers directly from us. These clients include respected flower exporters, wholesalers and garden centres.

We are not 'office people'; we are people who love our product. Everyone in our team actively contributes to delivering the best products to you on time. That is our highest priority! We believe that we are strong in our personal approach and our honest and fast services for our clients.

We give 100% to provide the highest quality products. Our sales representative René is actively involved in processing the shipments. He inspects all of the flowers that arrive himself, and he helps allocate the products to our clients, so René knows exactly which products he is selling and is always aware of the quality he delivers.

Flowers can be purchased either via a fixed weekly order or by linking to our stock. And of course, you can always contact us directly by telephone or e-mail.

Link to stock

If you know exactly what you would like to order, then you may wish to link your stock to ours through our special stock linkage. This gives you the benefit of offering a huge selection of products, without assuming the risk of a large inventory!

At any time, your sales representatives and/or purchasing agents can view our stock on their screen in real-time and order the desired product. It is also possible to link our stock to your own web shop, so your clients can also order the products directly from you. This saves you the trouble of ordering more than you need for your own inventory.

All the benefits in a row:

  • A huge selection of flowers, without assuming the risk of a large inventory
  • Linking our stocks to your own web shop
  • A single system for your inventory and the linked products

If you would like more information about linking to our inventory, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to discuss your options.


In addition to selling directly to our clients, we also auction our flowers on the three FloraHolland auctions in the Netherlands (Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Aalsmeer) and the FloraHolland auction in Germany (Rhein Maas). For more information about our product selection, pleas feel free to contact us. You can also view our wide selection of flowers here.