De Mooij Export

De Mooij Import and De Mooij Export; a blooming combination

To arrange the ideal coordination of supply and demand, you need to keep the lines of communication from the grower to the customer as short and clear as possible. We arrange this by arranging both the export and the import of our product.

Most of our inventory is imported from the home of the Protea, South Africa. We have therefore started our own export firm in South Africa: De Mooij Export. De Mooij Export is a subsidiary of De Mooij Import, and is located at Cape Town International Airport.

De Mooij Export as an extension of De Mooij Import

De Mooij Export in South Africa acts as an extension of De Mooij Import in the Netherlands. De Mooij Export has daily contact with the growers, and almost every day it receives flowers to prepare for shipment to the Netherlands. De Mooij Export is located at Cape Town International Airport, where we have our own cold storage and offices. Our location is fully organised around receiving flowers and guaranteeing the optimal quality. The processing facility, which also includes the cold storage, is well-insulated, so it remains cool enough inside even on very warm days. The conditions are ideal, even for the brief period that the flowers are outside of the cold storage to be processed for shipment. Thanks to our central location near the airport, we are easy to reach for our suppliers.

As in the Netherlands, we work with a small team of specialists who are responsible for purchasing, receiving the products from the growers and shipping them to Holland. From our location in South Africa, we can guarantee that our products arrive in Aalsmeer in the best possible condition, either by ship or by airplane. Since we are both exporter and importer, we supervise the entire logistical chain from grower to customer, so we can guarantee the quality of our products.

Direct contact between South Africa and the Netherlands

Adéle is responsible for purchasing the flowers in South Africa, and she has daily contact with our suppliers, the growers. Daily contact between the locations in South Africa and the Netherlands also contributes to the optimal coordination of supply and demand. Thanks to our short lines of communication, we can quickly adapt to changing demand in the Netherlands and the product availability in South Africa.